5 Sentence Review: Money: God or Gift by Jamie Munson

money-gift-or-godI haven’t read a ton of books on Christian finance, but this has surely got to be one of the best. In Money: God or Gift, Jamie Munson clearly lays out the basic biblical principles regarding money in the Bible. The book is a quick read (think a couple of days), balanced in its thinking, cheap to buy (only $5 on kindle), theologically focused, practical in application, and includes discussion questions for group study and further probing. The end of the book has useful appendices for planning a budget and resources for further study. This would be my de facto book recommendation for those struggling with finances.

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One Response to “5 Sentence Review: Money: God or Gift by Jamie Munson”

  1. Jonathan Blayney November 2, 2011 at 2:03 pm #

    I would agree this is a great book to established a Christian bases for how we as christians are to view money and the blessings we can give to others through that view. I feel it is a must read for all Christians. I have read many Christian Finance books and would say “Money, God or Gift” is top three.

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