Book Review: Atheism Remix by Al Mohler

atheismremixI picked up a used copy of Atheism Remix for $5 at McKay’s Used Books, CD’s, Movies, and More in Nashville.  If you’ve never been to McKay’s, you’re missing out.  There is an incredible amount of good media at McKay’s, and inventory changes often.  Anyway, I’d been eyeing Atheism Remix for a while now in Lifeway, so when I saw I cheap used copy, I jumped on it.

This is a brief (108 pages), but effective book about the “New Atheism” movement.  New Atheism is different from older forms of atheism in its boldness, its specific animosity towards Christians and the God of the Bible (rather than just the conception of God in general), and in its cultural reach.  According to Mohler, New Atheism is “not just a reassertion of atheism, it is a movement that represents a far greater public challenge to Christianity than that posed by the atheistic movements of previous times” (12).  New Atheism is advocated most prominently by Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennet, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens.  In just four chapters, Mohler spells out a description of New Atheism, its adherents, and how it is being challenged both effectively and ineffectively.

This book is culturally relevant and should be read widely.  The books of Dawkins and others are too popular for Christians to be completely unaware of the bombs being lobbed at Christianity by the adherents of New Atheism.  You should read this book.  If the effects of New Atheism don’t seem to be effecting you, they will effect your kids and the people you’re surrounded by.  I think believers everywhere should read Atheism Remix, especially because its brevity makes it so approachable.

If I have any qualms about this book, it is that Mohler offers little in the way of “What now?”  I don’t want to misrepresent Mohler as a deconstructionist, but I did personally long for a little more construction at the end of the book.  I suspect that he would argue that this was not his purpose in writing, which is perfectly acceptable, it just left me wanting a little more.  None-the-less, I learned a ton in the brief pages of this book and will encourage many to read it for themselves.

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