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More Wild Sweet Orange

wild-sweet-orangeI‘ve mentioned Wild Sweet Orange a few times before, but I just read this article on Relevant and thought it was really good. Relevant digs a bit into the meaning and influences behind Wild Sweet Orange. They article also included a recording of WSO’s Letterman performance, pretty cool! If you haven’t checked out this band yet, it’s not too late. They’re great!








McCain’s Suspension of Campaign

john-mccainLet me start by saying I’m not voting for McCain or Obama, but I still have strong opinions about both of them. I think McCain’s announcement today that he’s suspending his campaign to deal with the financial crisis is absolutely ridiculous. Clearly this is a ploy to try to make himself look good. McCain’s trying to make himself appear as the candidate that really cares about the economy, when in actuality Obama has been talking about economic trouble for some time. McCain has been trying desperately to ignore the issue. This latest announcement is nothing more than political maneuvering by McCain to shift focus from away his previous positions; now in the future McCain can praise himself as the candidate who really cares about the American people.

McCain is considering postponing some of the presidential debates now too. I think it’s completely absurd to postpone the debates at Ole Miss University and Belmont University, both of whom have spent huge piles of cash in preparation for the debates that are supposed to be coming to their respective campuses. Perhaps the real issue is that McCain is scared to debate Obama. Since he appears to have no convictions about anything, will stoop to any level in dirty campaigning, outright lie about factual information, and fails to represent the ideology of the Republican party in any way, I guess it’s really not that surprising that he would pull a stunt like this.

Charlie Hall – The Bright Sadness

charlie-hall-the-bright-sadnessCharlie Hall’s music is a security blanket. There are an enumerable amount of personal thoughts, recollections, good times, and God-thoughts attached to his music in my life. There are specific times in my life when God enlivened a Biblical truth in part due to a Charlie Hall lyric. As a former worship leader he influenced my leading style probably more than any other person. His words inspire, his style is always a little different from the norm, and as I’ve heard Louie Giglio say, “He’s a worship leader’s worship leader.” Charlie Hall, from what little I know of him, is an awesome guy. He has cool facial hair and he drinks his coffee black (I know because he came into Starbucks one time when I was working, ordered black coffee, and I got to talk to him for just a second).

The Bright Sadness, Charlie’s newest effort, does not disappoint. The lyrics are honest and Scripture-saturated.  Musically you have to listen a few times to really dig the feel, but it will grow on you like kudzu if you let it.

I unabashedly give this record 5 out of 5 cups of black coffee!



Dumb-and-DumberThere are times in life when you just wish you could go backward. All of us experience those unfortunate moments when we scream “oh crap!” And perhaps some choice expletives run through our heads whether we utter them or not. Today was one such experience for me. In the midst of developing a site for everyone’s favorite worship band, I accidentally deleted the MySQL database for  You might ask, “How could you do that?” Because idiocy runs through my veins.  I try to keep it hidden, but it pops up from time to time. The good thing is that there was nothing absolutely important on, but it had acted as a kind of journal or footprint for that last several months of my life, and now all the previous content has been wiped away. So if you’re here and wondering what happened, idiocy happened. I’m beating it back down into submission right now; don’t let it get the best of you.