Book Review: Leaders Who Last by Dave Kraft

leaders-who-lastLeaders Who Last by Dave Kraft is probably the most useful book that I’ve read this year.  This could be because I’m in the middle of planting a church and it was an extremely timely read, but I think it’s more than that.  This is simply an amazingly accessible, smart, time-tested manual on godly leadership.  Every single chapter of this book is good.  There is nothing in here that’s throw-away.  I intentionally read through this book slowly, trying to apply each chapter’s contents before I moved on.  Truthfully I could have breezed through it in a day, but I needed to drink in these thoughts deeply.  There’s not much in Leader’s Who Last that’s amazingly original, but there are a thousand things that I need to apply to become a better leader.  I’ve heard it said of some books, “this book is a companion for life, to be read again and again,” and I’ve often wondered how such a statement could be made about any book other than the Bible.  But in my opinion, it’s true of Leaders Who Last.  This book should be read again and again and I hope to make it my lifelong companion.

One Caveat…the book cover design says “only 30% of leaders last” but the picture on the cover shows a percentage that is equal to only 16%.  Check it out for yourself…kinda funny.

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