Book Review – Living at the Crossroads by Bartholomew & Goheen

living-at-the-crossroadsI’m in the midst of preparing a set of talks for middle schoolers that will cover the overarching meta-narrative of Scripture.  These talks will walk through the Bible’s grand story and act as a sort of telescope to more clearly bring to light the world’s story from creation to new creation.  I’m excited about these talks, and have been reading quite a bit to prepare giving them.  A few of the sources I’ve been using are:  God’s Big Picture by Vaughan Roberts, The Drama of Scripture by Bartholomew and Goheen, Living at the Crossroads by Bartholomew and Goheen, a set of lectures by Keith Whitfield, and a set of lectures by Jonathan Pennington.  All excellent resources.

I just finished reading Living at the Crossroads by Bartholomew and Goheen.  It’s a book about developing a Christian worldview that is based upon a proper understanding of the Biblical narrative of Scripture.  This is the follow-up book to The Drama of Scripture, which Bart and Go wrote previously about the meta-narrative of Scripture.  Living at the Crossroads begins by walking through the basics of a Christian worldview and then examines how this worldview is in constant conflict with the various worldviews that are alive and well in the Western World.  The Western world is filled with people who are simultaneously operating out of both a modern and a postmodern worldview.  Bart and Go do a rather excellent job of explaining these alternate worldviews and the problems that have developed in the West as a result of them.  The last few chapters in the book deal with how Christians can obediently live in a world that is operating out of a false worldview and yet faithfully embody the Christian worldview in the midst of that culture.  I probably found these last few chapters of the book the most helpful, but the middle of the book which offered explanations of modernity, postmodernity, consumerism, and global free-market capitalism were also extremely helpful.

I appreciate this book because it’s thought-provoking and even-handed in its approach.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in issues of worldview, meta-narrative, or biblical theology.

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  1. Michael Dunlop October 31, 2010 at 3:22 pm #

    will you be posting the audio of these talks anywhere? If so i’d be interested in listening. Ive been looking at doing a similar study at my youth group, and id like to see how you go about it. I working on Goldsworthy’s “according to plan”

  2. Ben November 2, 2010 at 8:57 pm #


    I hope to if we manage to get them recorded. I’m not sure about the technical setup at the retreat.

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