Book Review: On Church Leadership by Mark Driscoll


At 24church we’re in the midst of restructuring things just a bit.  We’ve been focusing on membership and deacons especially.  Our current membership covenant is pretty low on expectations and accountability.  This was not our original intent, but in an attempt to be grace-filled, I think we failed to hold our people to the high standards of Jesus.  Similarly, we have not implemented deacons in the past because we hated the stigma that the word “deacon” holds in many circles.  Now, all that is in the midst of changing.

As we’ve continued to grow in numbers, we’re realizing that failure to equip enough leaders has prevented us from properly stabilizing and preparing for continued growth.  The biblical systems to help us equip leaders are membership and deaconship.  So we’re reevaluating our current structure.  We want to be biblical, and prepared for all that God would do through us.

On this note, I want to recommend On Church Leadership by Mark Driscoll.  On Church Leadership is one of four books in a series named “A Book You’ll Actually Read On.”  The series is designed to provide fully-orbed answers to complicated topics in a form that can be read in about an hour.  The other books in the series include:  On the New Testament, On the Old Testament, and On Who is God?.  I haven’t read them yet, but I assume they’ve got to be pretty good.  On Church Leadership is excellent for it size.  It’s extremely concise and filled to the brim with relevant content.  There is absolutely no fluff in this book.  If you’re wondering about biblical church leadership, this is an excellent starting point.

In case your interested, the chapter titles include:

1. Pastor Jesus
2. Elders
3. Women in Ministry
4. Deacons
5. Members
6. Leadership Teams

If you’re planning on planting a church, or if your church is in the midst of restructuring, then be sure to check out this valuable resource.

p.s. – I found Driscoll’s comments about leadership teams to be especially practical.  His thoughts in this area are helping me to reevaluate my current approach to building and implementing leaders.

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