Brief Book Review – Forgotten God by Francis Chan

forgotten-godHere’s the skinny on Forgotten God

It’s good, but only in a certain kind of way.  This is not the type of book that you’re going to walk away from having gained tremendous amounts of spiritual knowledge.  In fact, if you’re mature in your faith, you may not really “learn” anything.  However, it would be nearly impossible to walk away from this book and not be challenged to a deeper relationship with God.  The simple truth is that nearly all of us fail to consistently be led by the Holy Spirit.  My experience is that oftentimes I’m more pragmatic in my spiritual walk than Spirit-led.  This is an issue, and it’s the exact issue that Chan is trying to address.  My recommendation is that this book should be used in a small group setting or as a devotional guide to be read in little chunks.  The material needs to be chewed on, meditated upon, discussed, and applied, not simply consumed.  Forgotten God along with Chan’s previous book, Crazy Love, are both extremely valuable small group resources.

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