Brief Book Review: The Paris Option – Robert Ludlum

the-paris-optionIt would be an overstatement to say that Robert Ludlum is a great author; however, it would by lying to say that his books aren’t enjoyable too. My personal preference is to audiobook Ludlum’s writings in my free time. Am I learning anything? No. Is it a great way to escape and relax? Yes. Think 24 in book form. The best Ludlum book is still probably The Janson Directive. The most famous of his books are in the Bourne Series (great movies!). The Paris Option was decent, but again I’m reading (or in this case listening) for pure enjoyment. The Paris Option is part of a series of Ludlum books known as the “Covert One Novels.” Honestly, I didn’t know this when I began reading, but now that I do, I’m going back to listen to the first novel in the series. If you’ve got some time, check out Ludlum. If you’re not a book snob, you’ll probably enjoy it! At least it’s a way to get your Jack Bauer on in a post-Jack-Bauer-era.

3.5 of 5 Black Cups of Coffee


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