Brief Book Review/Rant: The Revolution by Ron Paul


Between Now and Eternity

Let me start out by saying that the ultimate hope for any government is only Jesus.  On this side of eternity, every political theory is lacking.  The only perfect government will be the future one, where Jesus is king and the heart of every individual has been made perfect.  Until that glorious kingdom is fully made known, every government will be less-than-perfect.  Political party affiliation, political candidates, and political ideas will all be found lacking.  So I don’t put an exorbitant amount of hope or time into politics.  However, I do think we are called as Christians to live out the implications of the gospel to the various cultures that we find ourselves in, and this includes the political culture within America.  Between now and eternity, I want to recommend the ideas of Ron Paul as a good solution to a lot of America’s problems.


To be perfectly honest with you, to fully review this book would be a waste of your time and mine.  To fully say all that I wish to say about the book, would be to quote the whole book.  Rather than writing a lengthy review, I would rather you just read The Revolution.  In fact, if you want to stop reading this review right now (which honestly is not much of a review anyway), and instead go read Ron Paul, I would applaud you.  There is no portion of The Revolution that I wish to synopsize.  I like every word.  There is no part I disagree with.  It’s all good.

The two political parties, as they currently exist, both promote a future for America that is heading towards total and complete futility.  Ron Paul offers an alternative path.  Bush was an awful president.  Obama seems no better.  Does either one intend to lead America into futility?  No.  But the politics they promote are like a heavy weight tied around the ankle of this country.  The nation is drowning.  These days America is not the America that we wish it to be.  It is not the America that the founding fathers wished it to be.  And personally speaking, I like the America that they envisioned better than they one we currently have.  So I’m recommending this book.

Simply put, and I know this sounds awfully dogmatic, I dare you to read this book and consider its ideas honestly.  Maybe you’ll disagree with some of them, but I think you’ll agree with a lot of them.  And that at least will be a step in the right direction.


This is an awfully good audiobook (concise, about 5.5 hrs), that’s how I read it.  But, I’m thinking of buying a physical copy so I can go back and underline some stuff (see previous post).

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