Charlie Hall – The Bright Sadness

charlie-hall-the-bright-sadnessCharlie Hall’s music is a security blanket. There are an enumerable amount of personal thoughts, recollections, good times, and God-thoughts attached to his music in my life. There are specific times in my life when God enlivened a Biblical truth in part due to a Charlie Hall lyric. As a former worship leader he influenced my leading style probably more than any other person. His words inspire, his style is always a little different from the norm, and as I’ve heard Louie Giglio say, “He’s a worship leader’s worship leader.” Charlie Hall, from what little I know of him, is an awesome guy. He has cool facial hair and he drinks his coffee black (I know because he came into Starbucks one time when I was working, ordered black coffee, and I got to talk to him for just a second).

The Bright Sadness, Charlie’s newest effort, does not disappoint. The lyrics are honest and Scripture-saturated. ¬†Musically you have to listen a few times to really dig the feel, but it will grow on you like kudzu if you let it.

I unabashedly give this record 5 out of 5 cups of black coffee!


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