Disc Golf Course Review – North Jasper Park – Jasper AL

Jasper-Disc-GolfGreat Beginner Course

  • Pros: We were on vacation at Smith Lake is Jasper and it was close! Great course for the whole family to play because it wasn’t too difficult Actually used the terrain rather well, I’ve definitely seen worse.
  • Cons: The majority of the front nine are all in 200ft or less range, this is a little bit “weak sauce.” Tee pads are grass.  Pretty easy, but will get boring for advancing players
  • Other Thoughts: This course is what it is. It’s not horrible, I think it’s a great course for newer disc golfers, and to introduce others to the game. It plays rather quick and easy. It could improve with concrete pads and better signage, and maybe a slight redesign of the front 9 to make it more challenging. Fun day with the family though! See my full review here.


3 out of 5 cups of black coffee

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