Does Satan Exist? Debate Recap

does satan existHere’s the link to the video of the debate:

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Here are two of my thoughts in no particular order:

1. Bishop Pearson’s current belief that “there is no devil” is not that surprising.  Pearson’s background, by his own admission, is one of focusing heavily on the devil, seeing the devil in everything, and essentially making light of the devil (by using exorcisms as a super-common, chaotic, weekly event).  When certain denominations / groups do this sort of thing, they are essentially treating the devil like a corny, movie villian, rather than a real, dangerous adversary.  Pearson essentially saw through his own nonsense, but then ended up more confused.  Rather than making sure that he was interpreting the Bible correctly (which would have fixed his problem), he has begun looking for bits of belief from everything (and all his bits contradict each other).

2. Deepak Chopra was called on the carpet by the audience member who asked if he believed his own statements.  Chopra said, “faith exists only because of insecurities.”  If that’s true, then Chopra must be insecure!  All belief systems / world views are based on faith of some sort.  Evolution and the big bang theory (Chopra’s beliefs) cannot be demonstrated, they’re accepted at least in part on faith.  Chopra made repeated faith statements the entire night (belief in God – as another audience member pointed out), and yet called other faith statements “primitive.”  Driscoll was correct to call him pretentious.

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