Extended Quote of the Day: Craig Bartholomew & Ryan O’Dowd

old-testament-wisdom-literatureToday poetry is, very often, our truest link with reality. Our modern age has tended to prefer facts and reason to imagination. Such an emphasis can misrepresent, underestimate, flatten and distort reality…Poetry, in fact, is at its best an ethical way of preserving the mystery, ambiguity, power, tragedy and sublimity of our world. It should be clear to us that our modern preference for the concrete, certain and measurable hardly matches with our daily experiences of God, life and reality. Metaphors, stories and poems, however, meet us in this gap between God’s power and goodness and the strangeness of everyday life.

– Craig Bartholomew & Ryan O’Dowd, Old Testament Wisdom Literature: A Theological Introduction, 69-70.

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