Extended Quote of the Day – Graeme Goldsworthy

graeme-goldsworthy“While we can find in many non-evangelical scholars much valuable exegetical insight, we often have reason to lack confidence in their overall understanding of what truth is revealed in the Bible.  This is due to the philosophical prisms through which the exegetical material is refracted in order to arrive at doctrinal formulations…

It is possible to maintain an evangelical view of the authority of the Bible in theory, but to allow this to become subservient to incipient liberalism in the way the Bible is used…

The importance of dogmatics, then, is that it is in a sense the finished task.  It depends on good exegesis, but it also depends on a sound application of biblical theology and hermeneutics.  In turn, it provides the unifying framework for understanding the ramifications of the exegetical conclusions.  The exegete who is not thinking dogmatics is probably also not thinking biblical theology and hermeneutics.  This exegete is not thinking about the dogmatic formulation of biblical unity and so his distinctions, the data of the individual texts, become separation of data.  He is already on the road to liberalism.”

from Graeme Goldsworthy, Gospel-Centered Hermeneutics, pages 270-271

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