Extended Quote of the Day – Gregg Allison

gregg-allison“A…benefit that historical theology renders the church is to protect against the individualism that is rampant today among Christians. Tragically, numerous factors – a consumerist mentality, an insistence on individual rights, an emphasis on personal autonomy, a pronounced sense of entitlement – have converged to foster an atmosphere in which too many Christians pick and choose their doctrines like they pick and choose their clothes or fast-food meals. If they feel uncomfortable about the sovereignty of God or are upset by the thought of an eternal conscious punishment of the wicked, they opt to overlook or dismiss those doctrines. If their worldly lifestyle is confronted by the demands of sanctification, or if the authority of Scripture challenges their stylish doubts about truth and certainty, they choose to minimize or set aside those doctrines. Thankfully, historical theology can act as a corrective to this regrettable situation. It reminds believers that theirs is a corporate faith that has always affirmed divine sovereignty, hell, holiness, and biblical authority. This rich heritage protects against the tendency to select the doctrines one likes and to reject those one does not like, thus giving in to one’s sinful propensities.”

Gregg Allison – Historical Theology, page 26.

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