Five Sentence Review: The Shepherd Leader by Timothy Witmer

the-shepherd-leaderI recently took our church planting team through The Shepherd Leader by Timothy Witmer. This is a rather easy read, and it acts as a helpful reminder to pastors that their primary calling is to shepherd the flock that God has entrusted to their care. Witmer begins the book by examining the theological evidences for the role of shepherd within the Bible, and he ends on a practical note by including a lot of suggestions for implementation. If nothing else, this book forces pastors to think about the details of their shepherding plan, and it encourages them to take care of their people. My one critique of the book is that it’s focus is rather narrow and includes only the reformed tradition of shepherding; had Witmer included the shepherding histories and practices of other denominations, I think his book would have found an even wider audience (but hey it’s published by P&R, so it’s not like I was expecting what I’m suggesting).

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