Five Sentence Review: Think: The Life of the Mind and Love of God – John Piper

thinkThink is Piper’s latest book, and deals with how our minds, and the act of thinking, assist humans in the process of knowing and glorifying God. The first three chapters of the book are probably my favorite because they are more autobiographical, and one of the quotes from Jonathan Edwards still blows my mind. Piper does a rather well-rounded job of both explaining how our minds work in process of knowing God, and in defending proper thinking against relativism and anti-intellectualism. I love how Piper talks about knowing God because he perfectly balances deep thinking (intellect) with deep feeling (emotion). The last third of the book (when Piper defends thinking against anti-intellectualism), while thorough and amazingly exegetical, nevertheless get a little dry from a reading perspective.

Verdict:  Good, thorough, mind-expanding read.

Four of Five Cups of Black Coffee.

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