FruitCake & Ice Cream – Louie Giglio

fruitcake-and-ice-creamThis is old news if you got to attend the Passion World Tour, or if you’ve already bought the dvd, but Louie Giglio’s message “Fruit Cake and Ice Cream” is pretty amazing. In classic Giglio style, Louie delivers a message that is soooooo simple, but extremely moving. Louie has a way of delivering a sermon that allows the Word of God to speak and sing and shout for itself. If the word of God isn’t moving us, it is because our hearts are hardened, not because the truth of God isn’t earth-shattering. Anyway, this message is just like that, but it ends with a true story that brings everything into palable focus. This dvd is worth the 54 minutes of your time that it takes to watch, and worth the $16 or so dollars you need to cough up to own a copy.

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  1. Kathy December 10, 2009 at 7:30 am #

    Hey Lou!

    Just listened to this sermon and you would enjoy the Jimmy Buffett song entitled “Fruitcakes”. It would fit well with your sermon. We used this sermon for our youthgroup and it started a good thread on facebook. Keep pressing on
    Love and Prayers,

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