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fighter-versesOne of the things that has been most helpful to my spiritual growth over the years has been the memorization of Scripture. I was challenged by a friend in college to take “hiding God’s word in my heart” more seriously, and that began a long history of memorization. I’m honestly not sure that any other thing has helped me to preach more effectively than memorizing Scripture.

Just this week, Gibby and I were talking about the multiple ways in which Bible memorization is useful. It’s useful for understanding theological truth (head), for dwelling on the beauty and magnificence of God (heart), and for sharing the gospel (hands). It’s an unbelievable discipline that we need to take more seriously as followers of Jesus.

Helping to bring this practice into the 21st century is a new iphone / ipad / ipod touch / Android app from Children Desiring God named “Fighter Verses.” There are other memorization apps out there, but this one seems to be the most useful. You never have to type out any verse, just put in the reference and “Voila,” there it is, ready to memorize. Want to read the verse in it’s larger context? There’s a button for that. Want to read some commentary on the verse? There’s a button for that. Want to have the verse read over and over to you out loud because you’re an auditory learner? There’s a button for that. Want some suggestions on which verses to memorize? There are tons of them preloaded by Need a reminder to memorize everyday? Done. Want to categorize your verses by topic? It does that too. Great App. It’s always with you. Memorization has never been simpler. I love this app!

The only improvement I wish they would make?

  • NASB support. I’m fine with memorizing new passages in the ESV, but I have a lot of verses memorized in NASB that I don’t want to relearn. Currently the app supports ESV, NIV (84′), KJV, and LBLA (Spanish). Let’s hope they’ll expand it soon.

Only $2.99, it’s worth every penny. On iOS and Android  – although your life will be easier if you just leave that Android stuff alone! 🙂

iPhone App

Android App

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