Have you read 9mark’s review of the Nooma Video Series?



Here’s an excerpt:

“The gospel as Bell communicates it in NOOMA runs something like this: All of us are broken, sinful, selfish, and prideful people. We carry around the baggage of our hurts, our resentments, and our jealousies. As a result we are just a shell of the kind of people God intends us to be. But our God is a loving God who accepts us and loves us just as we are. He can comfort us, heal us, and make us whole, real, authentic, living, laughing people. Not only that, but Jesus came to show us how to live revolutionary lives of love, compassion, and acceptance. By learning from his teachings and following him, we can live the full and complete lives that God intended.

And that’s about it. That’s not just the introduction that leads to an explanation of the cross, atonement, the resurrection and salvation, either. So far, at least, that’s what NOOMA holds out as “The Gospel.” Full stop”

My Opinion

I admire Bell’s creativity , his desire to help people, and his desire to point them towards God, it just doesn’t seem like he’s pointing people towards the God of the Bible.

Also helpful on this topic is Mark Driscoll’s chapter on the Emerging Church in his book Religion Saves (Religion Saves is also a sermon series by Driscoll that mirrors the book, see the link to the video below).


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2 Responses to “Have you read 9mark’s review of the Nooma Video Series?”

  1. Shelly June 14, 2010 at 12:44 pm #

    I have watched all of the NOOMA videos and I also listen to Rob Bell’s sermons every week via podcast. I saw the videos before I read any of his books or heard any of his sermons, and I blogged about my outrage of turning God into an “all accepting” God who carries a Gospel of love. However, in Velvet Elvis Bell takes a systematic look at Jewish culture to better understand Jesus as a Jew, Priest, and Savior.
    This gave me a better understanding of Bell’s point-of-view and completely changed my opinion of his teachings. I can further comment that in his sermons he sometimes goes too far with the Gospel of love, but he does not shy away from preaching on sin, and the whole of the Gospel. I only say this to encourage people to read/listen to more of Bell than the NOOMA videos because I think they are a poor representation of his outlook on the Christian walk.

  2. Ben June 15, 2010 at 2:07 am #

    I appreciate that you’ve researched Bell for yourself Shelly. I don’t dislike everything he does, and I think he’s fiercely intelligent; however, I would encourage you to check out some of the warnings that Driscoll talks about in the video I referenced above. (not the Driscoll is perfect by any means) But I think a lot of Bell says is disturbing in a very subtle way. In the long run, the more I read his books / hear him speak / watch his videos, the more I am convinced he is leading people astray in many ways. And in my mind this outweighs the good.

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