Kanye West – 808s & Heartbreak

808s-and-heartbreakI just bought a house — which is another reason there have been no blog updates because buying a house is crazy — so money is scarce these days.  However, I did manage to snag the latest Kanye West joint.  I’m a big Kanye fan (not the man, the music) so this was a must buy.  I knew going in that 808s & Heartbreak was going to be quite a departure from Kanye’s previous work, and it is.  iTunes labels the cd as R&B rather than hip hop for example.  After quite a few listens I’ve got to say this is a pretty good cd, but fails in comparison to Kanye’s other albums.

One the big themes of the album seems to be Kanye’s attempt to deal the with death of his mom; he focuses more time thematically on relationships with people and less time on living the “Big Life” of money and posessions.  All in all my favs on the album are:  Welcome to Heartbreak, Amazing, Love Lockdown, Heartless, and See You in My Nightmare.  The overall sound can get a little repetitive due to the use of the autotune effect on West’s voice in every single track.  I appreciate the attempt to go a different direction creatively, and the attempt to use art as an outlet for dealing with sorrow, but I think overall Kanye slacked a little bit in the creativity department.

If you’re a big Kanye West fan, I say this is worth the buy, but otherwise I’d iTunes the few tracks that stick out.

Rating:  3.5 cups of coffee


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