Limbaugh is an idiot – Ron Paul is awesome

That’s just how I feel.  I’ve watched quite a bit of Rush Limbaugh’s speech from a week ago, and even if some of it did make sense, the effectiveness of the speech was sidelined by Rush’s arrogance and hatred-esque tone.  His point was lost on all except the most-conservative, ultra-Bush supporting, Republicans.  I grew up a Republican (now I’m an independent with a libertarian leaning), but if Rush Limbaugh is the future of the GOP, then it will die, and I welcome that death.  Let the GOP be rebuilt into what it should be, a party that stands for the ideals of the Constitution.  Here is a video of Ron Paul making tons of sense on the DL Hughley show.

P.S. – Even though I love RP and agree with his ideas, ultimately God is the only hope for people anywhere.  Not Repubs.  Not Dems.

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