Maybe the best sermon I’ve ever heard…

John PiperMaybe.  I’m not entirely sure, but maybe, John Piper’s sermon at the Together For the Gospel Conference 2010, is my favorite sermon ever.  I love the ministry of John Piper.  I’m not worshipping the man, but I thoroughly appreciate how God uses John Piper to bless my life and point me towards Jesus.  This sermon from T4G2010 is simply amazing.  In this sermon, Piper asks the question, “Did Jesus preach the message of imputation that Paul clearly preached?”  In other words, “Did Paul alter the message of Jesus?” or “Are Jesus’ and Paul’s theology the same?”  Piper’s answer is a resounding yes.  Jesus and the Apostle Paul are in complete agreement, and his exegesis to prove this point is remarkable.   This sermon is eye-opening and highly applicable to many of the errant teachings of emergent teachers (although Piper never makes that direct application himself in the sermon).  I highly commend it for your consideration.



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  1. Logan Creasy April 15, 2010 at 10:23 am #

    Yea that was pretty incredible. I think we’ve all been a little guilty of the Pharisee’s view; that’s how Satan distorted me at least: to depend on the works “that God has done in me” for justification instead of solely on Christ. This clears up the understanding of double imputation as well. You can’t stop with Christ being our pardon, and then rely on our perfection by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. We also have to see the other imputation, that of Christ as our perfection. Therefore, we count it all as loss. Thanks for posting this.

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