New Disc Company: Legacy Discs

legacy-discsFrom their website:

“In the not too distant past, at the Annual Southwestern Team Disc Golf Invitational, held in San Diego, CA, we found ourselves discussing plastic with several of the top players in the world. Those discussions centered around one idea: players wanted discs that current manufacturers were unwilling to provide. At that moment, Legacy’s seed was born. Historically, disc manufacturers have not allowed players to design what they want, they have been unwilling to work collaboratively with respect to player sponsorship, and ultimately, they have left most professional athletes in this sport feeling as if they wanted something more.

Legacy Discs is that something more. We founded this company with goal of obtaining player input on exactly what they want to throw and utilizing that input to create a player designed and researched line of plastic that answers the call of THE PLAYER. Over the last several months, Steve has been beating the input out of many touring professionals, with the ultimate goal of creating player designed discs that will elevate the games of the best in the world to even newer heights. It seems logical to us that the best players in the world would be the first place to start when attempting to create the best plastic in the sport.”

Honestly, it sounds exciting.

Their first disc is the Rampage


Rated: 14, 5, -1, 4

Apparently these are real deal speed 14 discs.  They’re not for sale yet except if you happen to run into the right person.  I found this comment online from a guy who bought a lot of and was reselling them online – already sold out 🙁 .

“Have you done your research. It is a speed 14, it has the 2.5 cm rim, what other disc does and the rim sharpness is the legal limit. A 100 pro’s threww it at worlds and it has been a hit so far. I have sold over 130 of them and there are entire threads on disc golf course review about peoples opinions and insight. Please read these, the only speed 14 I know thats a fake is the westside King. That was a marketing gimmick. this disc bombs if you can throw this type of disc.”

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