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This is the latest word that we’ve received from Yoshito Noguchi (the church planter we’ll be working with in Tokyo) about what God is doing in their midst.

Thank you for praying for us. I am so thankful for God for brining many broken people to our community. And I am thankful that God is growing my heart to serve the weakest of week. Some has lost job, lost mother, emotional breakdown, some has to take medicine to stay calm. God has been teaching me to be patience and continue to love them and give them space and time to grow in Him. And God is teaching me to listen well and listen to H.S to speak the truth. Risen Jesus is only hope for them to heal. 

Two weeks ago, A college student whom I disciple with and I went to prayer work. We walked along the river and listen to Him. After spending some time with listing prayers, I asked to him what did you hear? He goes God told me to go Tohoku(where the Tunami be hit) to do a volunteer work. So I said if this is match with what the Scripture says and know that it is from Him, what does the disciple do? He said obey.. So few days later, we went to church in Tohoku where my friends are planting church. (it happen to be the 3/11 the day the Tunami be hit) During the few days there, God really spoke to him and he repented some of the area that he has difficult time with. Now he started to learn to submit to all of his life to Jesus as Lord. Praise Him.  

And one more evidences of His grace is that the professor of the college near my home came to our community invited by one of our brother in our community who works for another college. Yesterday, I had chance to spend lots of time with him at the park and listen to his story. And God really helped me to understand the problems and able to speak the gospel. We sat on the middle of the park and he cry out to the Father like “ Father, I have not talked to you for last 20 years, I want to come back to you,” and started to repent and trusting Jesus again. God is so good. For 20 years, God has not forgotten him and pursuing him everyday for 20 years. Please pray for him to continue to believe the truth. He also going through very difficult time last several month.

We are small communities. But I believe what Jesus said to be so true every day in Tokyo. Mathew16:18-19. We have the key to the kingdom of God! Please pray that our two communities will grow in the knowledge of the gospel. And people in our city will taste the kingdom of God and they will desire to want Him more. Please pray for Tokyo and support us.

And please pray that God will bring 10 church planters working with us this year.

As I prepare to go to Tokyo, I can already feel God working on my heart and changing the way I feel about how I’m living now. Part of my identity as a Christ-follower is the identity of a missionary. I’m not just a missionary if I go to another country, I’m a missionary because I know Jesus. It doesn’t matter where I find myself, I am a missionary. Jesus told his followers that “as the Father sent me, so I am sending you.” We are missionaries because Jesus has called us to be his sent people. I want this truth to inform the way I live everyday. There’s something about preparing to go to another country that helps this truth to ring clearer and truer to me today.

Please pray for me as I prepare to go to Tokyo. I need it!

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