Quick Review of Batman R.I.P.

batman-ripBatman R.I.P

written by Grant Morrison – penciled by Tony Daniel

I always love it when a story is so convoluted that upon completing a reading of said story you are not quite sure what happened.  This is essentially the way I felt when I finished Batman R.I.P.  The only thing to do when this happens is to perform a quick search of wikipedia with the terms “Batman R.I.P.,” and read wiki’s account of what happened.  With the help of Mr. wiki, the fuzzy elements of the story began to come into focus.

The most frustrating part of the whole story is this, Batman doesn’t really die in Batman R.I.P., he dies in Final Crisis.  In the deluxe edition of R.I.P., parts of the Final Crisis story are included as an addition at the end, but they don’t really fit with the story just told.  Those unaccustomed with the ins and outs of Batman and D.C. universe are especially going to leave scratching their heads. Like I said, “convoluted.”  I will say that apart from all the Final Crisis nonsense, the R.I.P. story itself was pretty decent.  Not amazing.  At times predictable (e.g. – Jezebel Jet’s betrayal of Batman), but decent.  As a writer, I think Grant Morrison is pretty good, but I appreciate Tony Daniel’s penciling work more.  His dark renderings of the Joker are especially cool.

Overall this graphic novel is “meeeeeehhhhhhh.”  But I am interested to see what all has happened since R.I.P. (I haven’t read much Batman in a year, so I’m behind, and looking forward to catching up).

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