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I’m a Big Fan of RSS Feeds
They allow me to browse a ton-load of content very quickly. I don’t have cable.  I’m never in front of the tv when national news is on.  I hate local news stations.  So I have to find a way to keep informed.  RSS feeds allow me to stay relatively informed and follow the news that I care about, since I get to choose the feeds I want to follow.

RSS Stands for…Really Simple Syndication
According to wikipedia, “RSS (most commonly expanded as Really Simple Syndication) is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format.[2] An RSS document (which is called a “feed”, “web feed”,[3] or “channel”) includes full or summarized text, plus metadata such as publishing dates and authorship”

How I Use RSS
In the past I’ve used a lot of different RSS clients to keep up with the feeds from my desktop. Most recently I’ve been using Apple’s Mail Client, which is a decent (if very simple, and somewhat featureless) client for keeping up with various RSS feeds. My problem is that now I own an iPhone, and I want to read the feeds on my phone and the desktop, and keep the feeds synced between the two. I don’t want the phone to say I’ve read a post, and the computer to say I haven’t; that’s annoying!!!  So I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to reed feeds from computer and phone easily.

Feed Sync
I tried an app for my iphone called feed sync. Originally I thought it worked ok. It’s supposed to integrate with Apple Mail’s RSS Reader.  But to sync the apple mail feeds with my phone, I have to have both the computer and the phone together on the same wireless network and then sync them. This doesn’t work very well and is not convenient. Plus the app started crashing, and it currently won’t work at all. Wasted $2.99. Bummer.

The Solution: Google Feed Reader + Gruml + FeeddlerRSS
So I thought I’d finally try the highly lauded Google Feed Reader, and try to use other apps / clients to read google because frankly Google is ugly. They make good stuff, but they don’t make it pretty…at all. Don’t even get me started on Android. To do this, I re-entered all the feeds into my Google account and Google Feed Reader. Then I downloaded a free desktop client called Gruml which integrates seemlessly with Google Feed Reader. Gruml is similar to Apple’s mail client (in look and feel).  It’s simple and content forward. The content is important, not the reader, so the reader doesn’t need to get in the way of the content, or look so ugly that I don’t want to read the feeds at all (Google!). So far so good. Finally, I downloaded a free app called FeeddlerRSS (the free version).  It also integrates with Google Feed Reader for your iphone. Works great, it’s free, and the ads on the app aren’t intrusive.

So, this is my current setup: Google Feed Reader + Gruml + FeeddlerRSS. It works good, and everything is instantly synced. Awesome!

Do you use RSS?
If not, you should try it out. If you do, have you found a better solution for keeping phone and desktop (and web) synced? Ugly solutions need not apply.

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