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friendfree-gdgtLately I’ve been messing with both Friendfeed and gdgt.  Friendfeed is a social network aggregator of sorts; it integrates with almost all the other popular social networks and can be used as a place for additional discussion about things you’ve posted on Facebook, digg, flickr, Twitter, etc.  At first I wasn’t sure how to use it, or why I would want to, but after playing with it some, I like it.  It updates in real time and easily allows good discussion and comments.  gdgt is a new tech / gadget site that is based around a social networking mindset.  Users have a gadget profile that shows gadgets they own, used to own, or want to own.  The site is a good place to discuss hacks, pros and cons of different gadgets, and the latest gadget news.

Check on my profiles on either site and consider joining the next wave of social networking craziness!

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