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Music Review: Passion Awakening

passion-awakeningI’ve been to quite a few Passion events since my first experience in 2000 in Memphis TN.  Back then I was just a sophomore in college, awakening to the idea of a big God with big plans.  God has been pleased to use Passion again and again to renew my heart and vision for God.  Though I’m no longer in college, I’ve been able – in one way or another – to continue to attend events and bring others with me.  Passion 2010 was especially moving for me because I got to attend with both my brothers (one a sophomore in college and one a college minister) and my beautiful wife Magen.  We’re all still reveling in what God was pleased to accomplish in our lives as His word and glory were lifted high in Atlanta.

The new Passion album comes out March 9th, but you can preview the whole album for free right now on Yahoo Music.  The album features songs by:  Charlie Hall, Chris Tomlin, David Crowder Band, Christy Nockles, FEE, Kristian Stanfill, and Hillsong UNITED.  I’ve listened to it all day, and the album goes far beyond serving as a simple reminder of good memories from a few months ago.  It’s a great album that helps stir my soul towards God.  My favorite tracks are:  King of Heaven (Isaiah 61), Where the Spirit of the Lord is, Awakening, Like a Lion, and With Everything.  The whole album sings with fresh vision for the church and the collegiate generation.  I’m especially impressed with Chris Tomlin’s writing on this album (which may sound trite to say, but I’m honestly more of a Charlie and Crowder fan).  Tomlin’s songs are just rock-solid and encouraging on this album.  I’m really excited that Louie Giglio and team decided to end the cd with a track by Hillsong UNITED!  I had feared that Hillsong would fail to make it due to licensing issues.  The Hillsong concerts during the event were some of the most moving moments during Passion 2010, and I welcome their song to conclude the album.

I suppose this isn’t really a music review so much as it’s an encouragement for you, the reader, to grab the album when it comes out Tuesday.  In the mean time check it out for free on Yahoo.

Thanks again Passion for pointing fresh generations of college students towards the glory of God!



Exciting News from Passion

passion-2010I just got on 268generation.com today, it’d been a while, and saw several exciting updates.  Passion 2010 has been anounced, it will be in Atlanta.  Christy Nockles is now on SixSteps records and has a new album coming out.  You can get a free download of her latest single on her website (click below). And details about the church that Passion/Louie Giglio is starting have emerged.  As I’ve said before, God has especially used Passion events in my life to deeply influence me, and I’m always excited to see that latest news about what is going on.