The Books of 2010

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My main two goals of 2010:

1. Average reading a book a week (52 total).

2. Read the entire Bible in a year.

I fell a little short on both (got close!), but here’s the list of books I did manage to read:


Craig Bartholomew & Michael Goheen
1. Living at the Crossroads:  An Introduction to Worldview
Jim Belcher
2. Deep Church
Dan Brown
3. Digital Fortress
4. The Lost Symbol
Francis Chan
5. Forgotten God
Mark Dever
6. The Gospel and Personal Evangelism
Mark Driscoll
7. Vintage Church
8. A Book You’ll Actually Read on Church Leadership
9. Religion Saves and Nine Other Misconceptions
Michael Horton
10. God of Promise:  Introducing Covenant Theology
Hugh Halter & Matt Smay
11. The Tangible Kingdom
12. And:  The Gathered and Scattered Church
Tim Keller
13. Counterfeit Gods
14. The Reason for God
15. The Prodigal God
16. Generous Justice
Dave Kraft
17. Leader’s Who Last
C.S. Lewis
18. Mere Christianity
19. The Screwtape Letters
20. The World’s Last Night and Other Essays
21. The Abolition of Man
22. The Magician’s Nephew
23. Surprised by Joy
Robert Ludlum
24. The Ambler Warning
C.J. Mahaney
25. Living the Cross Centered Life
George M. Marsden
26. A Short Life of Jonathan Edwards
Brian McLaren
27. A New Kind of Christian
Donald Miller
28. Through Painted Deserts
Al Mohler
29. Atheism Remix
Grant Morrison
30. Batman R.I.P.
Barack Obama
31. The Audacity of Hope
Ray Ortlund Jr.
32. Whoredom:  God’s Unfaithful Wife in Biblical Theology
Darrin Patrick
33. Church Planter:  The Man, The Message, The Mission
Ron Paul
34. The Revolution
John Perkins
35. Confessions of an Economic Hitman
John Piper
36. Finally Alive
37. The Supremacy of God in Preaching
Vaughan Roberts
38. God’s Big Picture
Charles Ryrie
39. Dispensationalism
Jason Stellman
40. Dual Citizens:  Worship and Life Between the Already and Not Yet
Francis Shaeffer
41. A Christian Manifesto
Mary Shelly
42. Frankenstein
Owen Strachan & Doug Sweeney
43. Jonathan Edwards on Hell
Mark Twain
44. Huckleberry Finn

I’ve got some fresh goals for 2011, and I’ll post them on here soon 🙂

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