Tobacco Taxes

tabaccoLet’s get one thing straight . . . This is America, or at least it used to be. So why is it that people are allowing the government to impinge on some many personal freedoms. Specifically, I’m referring to freedoms when it comes to smoking. Most of the country has already banned smoking in restaurants, and while this may seem beneficial for you if you don’t smoke, it should be left up to the restaurant to make that decision or not. If eating establishments want to cater to smokers, they should be allowed to cater to those types of patrons. It shouldn’t be illegal. If you say that it exposes non-smokers to second-hand smoke, then I say don’t go to that restaurant. If you’re a parent, you’re an idiot to take your kids there. Don’t do it, but it shouldn’t be illegal to smoke in a restaurant.

As if bans on smoking inside of buildings and in restaurants weren’t bad enough, the country continues to raise taxes both nationally (and in the case of TN) locally, on tobacco. Coming April 1, cigarettes will cost about $7.50 a pack in Tennessee. That’s ridiculous! If you’re thinking about rolling your own cigarettes to save money, think again. The tax on bags of loose tobacco is about to go up 2200% from about 1 dollar a pound to about 25 dollars a pound. That’s absurd!!!

Is smoking bad for you? If not with careful moderation, yes. But should it be taxed the crap out of? No. That’s an invasion of liberty. I’m not a smoker of cigarettes, but I enjoy a pipe or a cigar now and then. I hope that hobby doesn’t end up costing me an arm and a leg. Honestly I’m not sure how all of this will affect pipe tobacco and cigars, but even if it doesn’t effect them at all, I’m concerned about the infringement on personal liberties that this country continues to support. You may not care about smoking, but you may care about another freedom that will one day be taken away if we don’t stand up for liberty in this country.

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  1. jacob April 28, 2009 at 9:38 pm #

    i would love to hear you say all of this so i can get the full force of the rant. I am with you on this….if we are going to tax tobacco we should tax the snot out of fast food which probably contains as many bad things for you.

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