Two New Discs from Vibram: Ibex & Sole


I must admit, I love the way Vibram discs look! I have a couple in my bag, but neither have become go to’s yet. For putting I prefer my Yeti Pro over the Vibram models, and for a fairway driver, I find the Orc & the Viking more consistent than the Ascent. I haven’t tried a Trak yet, so no opinion there.  This might just sound like I’m an Innova apologist, I’m not, I’ll use whatever works.) One of the things I do love about Vibram though is their desire to innovate. I really appreciate this about the company. (The same reason I’m pretty pumped about MVP dics too).

Both the Ibex and Sole look pretty intriguing. Can’t wait to try them out. The Ibex especially, if the whole “holds a right line with minimal fade” thing is true.

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