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  • Tokyo: Quick Update

    A couple quick updates on the trip: 1) This bad boy (the passport) came in the mail yesterday. I had to expedite to make sure I got it in time, and it literally came in less than two weeks. That’s pretty amazing! 2) Shane (whom I’m traveling to Tokyo with) has been searching furiously for […]

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  • The Wisdom & Power of the Cross

    From Operation World: “The Bible is alien to the worldview of the Japanese––the concept of a Creator God is foreign to most. Strong pressure to conform to the norm causes many new believers to compromise or eventually to fall away. The shame / honor mentality held by many Japanese is a different paradigm from that […]

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  • Principalities & Powers

    From Operation World: “The spiritual powers & principalities that exercise authority in Japan have never been decisively challenged. The powers associated with idolatry in temples and ancestor worship in homes prevail, even in modernistic, “non-religious” Japan. Japanese christians face notable social and family pressures to conform to Shinto practices, particularly at the New Year and […]

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