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  • The Wisdom & Power of the Cross

    From Operation World: “The Bible is alien to the worldview of the Japanese––the concept of a Creator God is foreign to most. Strong pressure to conform to the norm causes many new believers to compromise or eventually to fall away. The shame / honor mentality held by many Japanese is a different paradigm from that […]

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  • Principalities & Powers

    From Operation World: “The spiritual powers & principalities that exercise authority in Japan have never been decisively challenged. The powers associated with idolatry in temples and ancestor worship in homes prevail, even in modernistic, “non-religious” Japan. Japanese christians face notable social and family pressures to conform to Shinto practices, particularly at the New Year and […]

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  • News from Tokyo

    Hey friends, This is the latest word that we’ve received from Yoshito Noguchi (the church planter we’ll be working with in Tokyo) about what God is doing in their midst. Thank you for praying for us. I am so thankful for God for brining many broken people to our community. And I am thankful that God is […]

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