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  • SERMON: The Crucifixion of Jesus

      TITLE:  The Crucifixion of Jesus TEXT:  Luke 15:21-47 LOCATION:  Resonate Church – Nashville, TN SYNOPSIS:  In this narrative Mark seems to be making at least four explicit points about the crucifixion of Jesus: 1) This is a historical story, 2) This is a typological story, 3) This is a humiliating story, & 4) This is a […]

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  • SERMON: Jesus on Lust

      TITLE:  Jesus on Lust TEXT:  Matthew 5:27-30 LOCATION:  24 Church – Pleasant View, TN SYNOPSIS:  In the portion of the Sermon on the Mount known as “the antitheses” Jesus helps us to understand the true intent of the Old Testament Law. Both in Jesus’ time and our time we are prone to follow the form of […]

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  • SERMON: Holy Spirit-Empowered Mission

      TITLE:  Holy Spirit Empowered Mission TEXT:  Acts 16:1-10 LOCATION:  Resonate Church – Madison, TN SYNOPSIS:  So many times we pursue ministry in our own power. But we will accomplish nothing of lasting value in our own power. We’ve been indwelt and empowered with the Holy Spirit, and this is where the power to pursue […]

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